musescore 4 - volume has to be reset every time?

• Apr 1, 2023 - 15:52

Every time I open up musescore I have to go to preferences, I/O, and just change the buffer size, it doesn't matter what I set it to, but it's the only way I seem to be able to wake the sound. otherwise when I hit play, there's total silence. tweak something in I/O, and it's back.

is there something I need to set so I can just have sound when I open the app?



You shouldn't ever have to mess with that setting just to get sound. Are you sure that's what is doing it, as opposed to, say, it just takes a few seconds for the sounds to finish loading?

More details would help us understand your unique situation here.

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For whatever reason… It does look like restore to factory settings has solve my issue.

I have another question… Every time I create a new score, it creates a new instance of the app. How do I create a new score as a new tab? (I probably should post this as a new entry but I thought I’d just grab you while I heard you.)


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New instances are how it works now. Otherwise it would have been next to impossible to support VST's and Muse Sounds and the ability to have different playback configurations for different scores. People were forced to live with one playback configuration across all scores in previous versions, and as long as soundfonts were your only option, that was barely tolerable, but it would have become untenable in MU4.

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