It's long past time to fix the Bluetooth headphone issues.

• Apr 2, 2023 - 17:30

You just released MuseScore 4, yet it remains the only software on earth that makes excuses about Bluetooth headphones. IT'S AUDIO SOFTWARE. There simply is no excuse for the continuation of the various bugs around Bluetooth headphones. They've been documented for years. MuseScore is the only software on the planet that can't get it right. There are not more important features or bugs. Serious users want to use headphones, and serious users are using wireless headphones.

This is a P0 bug on the 1-yeard-line. Just fix it. Thanks.


Can you please be more specific? What specific issue are you encountering? My Bluetooth device are working fine. I know on some OS's, some people have issues with sample rate incompatibilities, but that's not unique to Bluetooth.

I think, perhaps, serious users know how to check and adjust, if necessary, the bit rate of their headphones. Which I hope is at least 24 bit. And turn off Exclusive Mode. For now, it is a matter tuning the equipment to MU4. This is not an excuse. Just the way things are. Gamers know about tweaking things. My BT headphones are very low quality. Playback can have problems. But at least they playback.

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