Add Musescore 4 Muse Sounds For Rock Band Instruments?

• Apr 3, 2023 - 01:08

First off, I want to thank the developers for the current Muse Sounds we have. It really makes an orchestral score sound so good!

It would be very useful for a lot of people if there were Muse Sounds for Rock Band instruments. Including:
Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, & Drumset. Please add these features?


I agree with you. I've been complaining about it since version 1.3 and they don't listen. I have downloaded guitar sound fonts from other sites, but they don't mesh with the MuseScore sound fonts. For example you may have a combination of a flute and guitar. The flute will sound like a flute (which is good), but the guitar will not sound like the guitar font you downloaded. The other pain is the MuseScore electric guitar does not sound like a Fender, a Gibson, or a Paul Reed Smith. It is a bit lame. And their twelve string sounds like a six string.

For one who loves the sounds of a variety of guitars this is depressing and frustrating, especially when writing for guitar.

What does it take to get Muse Score to do answer our plea?

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Thanks for the reply, but I have questions.

This is a lot of software to choose from. Is any of it free to keep or is there a price, if so how much? Is any of it virus free? Are there any videos on how to use them? What is the learning curve? What software do you personally employ? And maybe, more importantly, Does any of them work with Muse Score 3?

Currently, I and Muse Score 4 don't get along.

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I record music in real time in "Energyxt" with vst2 instruments, and some soundfonts.

You have two choices,
-Keep on with MS3 and still try to find soundfonts (musicals artifacts, youtube) that will integrate well enough, or,
-Switch to MS4 for the vst3 support (MS3 doesn't), which on the long run is the best choice for the quality of the instruments, but is this support already functional ? I have no idea, i have never been a musescore user.

With the help of the MS4 manual, the administrators and all the other participants in the forum, you should be able to achieve that.

The vst3 instruments listed in the link above are all free, there are other websites like this one, which are to be found with a "free vst download" search.
Most of them, if not all, can also be found on youtube with descriptions, explanations and sometimes tutorials.

Here is a good drumset (you need to create an acount),…
Other soundfonts there,

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@Lafayette: Have you tried the Gibson set from Hedsound? It's pretty good. I have also found that downloaded guitar soundfonts do not always sound as good as the demos on their host sites. Maybe this is related to the synthesiser used to interpret the soundfont.…

Soundfonts4u also have some decent guitars:

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It's not clear what you mean here - if you download a guitar soundfont and specify it within MuseScore, it absolutely uses that sound. All versions of MuseScore. If you're having a problem using a soundfont, best to start a new thread in the Support forum asking for help with this. Works perfectly for me, though, and has since before 1.0.

But anyhow, it's already been announced that guitar is being worked on for Muse Sounds.

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The user community here still can provide support for any version of MuseScore than people can still remember how to use :-).

But Msue Sounds requires MuseScore 4. Not sure what you mean about taking resources, though. Muse Sounds itself is large indeed - about 15 GB for the whole thing. And guitars will obviously add to that. But, if you're concerned about using disk space, you can still use MuseScore 4 without Muse Sounds. Then you can still take advantage of the major improvements in engraving quality and other new features and it won't require any more space than MuseScore 3 did.

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Whilst I would like access to decent properly sampled jazz sounds (guitar, trumpet, sax etc.), I don't think that it is fair to "complain" about things regarding Musescore when it is totally free to use.
The most we should do is to urge, request and encourage.

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You may be right, that I may be being unfair about this subject. However, I believe that I have a legitimate complaint in that the developers seem to be concentrating more on glitz (the appearance) than substance (the guitars). And appeared to be ignoring the problem.

If I am wrong in this assumption then I apologize.

I personally, thought Muse Score looked fine the way it was; it didn't need improvement.

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You are definitely wrong :-). The main improvements in MuseScore 4 are much higher engraving quality - the actual appearance of your notated scores - as well as major improvements to playback (Muse Sounds, VST instruments, new effects, etc). And countless other features that users have been clamoring for - like the new capo, ornament, and harp diagram facilities in 4.1, the more flexible instrument & parts facility introduced in 4.0, etc. Not sure which problem you feel anyone is ignoring, but bugs are being fixed as well of course.

This is all in addition to the more general UI improvements that are designed to make MuseScore easier to use - especially for new users, who often found previous versions very difficult to learn. So it's not about "glitz" but about "usability", including how easy it is to discover a given feature or understand by its placement and appearance how it works, without requiring a manual. These things are all taken very seriously, but so is the continued improvement in engraving and playback quality.

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