Why don't I can impose 4 measures staff?

• Apr 18, 2023 - 21:13

Im' transcribing this score and I imposed to the document by FORMAT > ADD/REMOVE SYSTEM BREAKS that all staves should have 4 measures.

i got it. then when I'm writing Musescore decides for its own, to form at it in a different way.
But I do not want it!! It MUST stay at 4 measures per staff. It's quite annoying.

See the attachment

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You can have up to 4 measures per system. If the measures are too big, you can't fit 4 in the space between the margins. Try reducing the size of the margins, or increasing the page size or reducing the size of everything by reducing the staff space scaling.

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Each press of "{" reduces the minimum space required by the selected measures. But reducing the minimum space required won't make any noticeable difference at first, because your measure are still stretched to fit the width of the page. Once you reduce stretch by enough to allow an extra measure to fit on a system, then you'll see the results of the change.

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Yes, on a German QWERTZ keyboard is is AtlGr+7 too.
But your score is using 4 measures per staff already, and forces system breaks every 4 meausures too.
That combinatiion prevents the 'Reduce stretch' do do anything.

You could get 5 measures per system, for the first part at least, just by removing all explicit system breaks and applying Ctrl+A, {

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