3.6.2 - Resource manager - updating fails!!!

• Apr 21, 2023 - 15:38

MacOS, musescore lastest 3.62 version in attached pic.

Can someone please answer my question/issue? almost a month posted and no responses. Read outdated threads about this with no fix....

Cannot update General HQ and Drumline !!!

refer to :


Possibly, because your first thread is very unclear.
To my knowledge, there is no update for the HQ font. Or the drumline.
Are you trying to install the drumline?
Have you looked in the manual? The 3.6.2 manual is very detailed in this respect.

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Not sure what is unclear. I'm familiar with the resource manager and installing procedures AND with instructions.
The attach pic shows both have a status of Update. When trying to update, get the error. If i uninstall, and then install, progress indicator is downloading, then get the unable to extract files from the extension.

So, not sure what else to indicate what my issue is...


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Sorry. What's unclear is the order you are doing things in.
Did you not have those two things installed and the install failed?
If so what was there to uninstall?
AFAIK there is no update for either of those items.
If you need to start over, I think a better way would be to go the folders where they are installed and delete them from the folders. Restart MU3 and you should see "install" for both.
I'm not sure why you see "update".

On a side note, I don't use the sf3 version of the HQ font. I use an sf2 version that loads faster.

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