MuseScore 4 is godawful

• Apr 21, 2023 - 20:13

Opened the fourth movement of my symphony in MuseScore 4 to hear the supposed better sounds. COMPLETELY FUCKED IT UP. Like, COMPLETELY. Changed C-Trumpet to Eb-Cornet, put everything in 1 sharp, and totally removed all formats. LUCKILY, I have PDFs from saving and printing it before, so it's just a matter of re-entering it instead of recomposing it.

Hey, developers? When you update to a new version, part of what you should is make ALL FILES backwards compatible. Otherwise, your program is just so much fucking bullshit.

I said what I said. Egad ...


There is a backup of your file.
Backwards compatibility isn't the problem here.
I have opened dozens of MU3 files in MU4 and never ever had the kind of problem you are having.
So let's try to figure out what happened.

I would suggest copying MU3 files to a different folder and opening them from there. That way you have the originals still. Although to open anything in MU3, you will need to right click and select open with...

You can't open MU4 files in MU3. This is the backwards compatibility of whence you speak. You can export as mxl and open them in MU3.

If you have another score that gives you a problem, you might post it so we can help.

Obviously, what happened to you is not supposed to happen. I suspect that there there might be problems with your score to begin with. But it's hard to tell without more info on your system, and a score that is a problem. There is help to be had.

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The point is moot. I right-clicked the corrupted file, properties, MuseScore 3. Score opened normally, so crisis averted. Then, I made sure to delete MuseScore 4 from my computer. It's not very good anyway. All the unnecessary changes to the program aren't worth the slightly better sounding instrument sounds. Fortunately, all I had done in MuseScore 4 was a few pages of tenor sax to viola transpositions.

Funny thing ... I never had problems moving from MuseScore 2 to MuseScore 3 in its various incarntions. If the devs are watching this thread, then they should take note that future versions of the program should NOT corrupt files from the previous versions.

Don't get me wrong. I am very, VERY grateful to them for the program itself. It does 80% what Finale does and is free. So, I thank the devs every time I use it. My only point is that versions shouldn't corrupt each other.

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