NEW Reverb in MS4!

• May 13, 2023 - 03:56

WOW! The reverb slider is back! Except it doesn't seem to change anything yet. Am I missing something here?


Yes, that's a nightly, but I'm a bit puzzled. The reverb slider is currently set to zero with some notches above and below it (like all the other sliders) . This indicates that the reverb can be either increased or decreased. I understand the increasing part, but I'm not sure about decreasing. As far as I know, all the sounds in MS4 are recorded from real instruments rather than being electronically generated. This means that they were recorded with a certain level of reverb that can't be decreased. It can only be increased. However, the slider suggests that the reverb can be decreased. How is that physically possible?

Another question occurred to me just now: if the non-reverb sound that we hear by choosing a note and clicking on it is exactly how the MS4 sounds were recorded, why is reverb added to the playback then? Why not play it back without any reverb and allow us to add reverb to each instrument ourselves through Audio FX instead? Sometimes, I do want certain instruments, especially in solo parts, to have as little reverb as possible, almost none.

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