File exporting blank pages

• May 13, 2023 - 19:59

I'm trying to export a pdf of an ensemble piece. The score is 8 pages long and when I export it pages 1 and 2 show up and the rest are blank pages. Additionally, in MuseScore 4 when I scroll to the beginning the other 6 pages disappear. Then if I scroll over they reappear. I have tried resaving my file under a new name, etc. I'm baffled!

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Way Maker ensemble V2.mscz 153.82 KB


Very weird behavior. The same issue with pages disappearing when scrolling up/down, along with blank pages in pdf export, has been reported here:

The very bottom of the disappearing page seems to be visible at the (canvas) top, then also jumps up/down upon back-and-forth horizontal scrolling.

This is indeed similar to another bug reported recently where I see you commented. It's very mysterious to me but whatever the issue is seems to be fixed for the upcoming 4.1 release, expected in a couple of months.

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