Playback not playing the selected notes, it only plays anything that comes after.

• May 30, 2023 - 16:20

So bars 0-62 play fine, totally as expected.

Suddenly, starting at bar 63, if I click on a note and press play, all the notes (for every instrument) located at that position are silent. Any notes located after that point play normally, but as you can imagine, this is quite annoying, as I have to start the playback from at least a bar earlier.

Also strangely: bar 62 plays fine, 63 doesn't play the first notes. But if I insert a bar before 62, so that it now becomes 63, suddenly that bar doesn't work. So it's not a problem with note input - there's something weird happening with the playback itself starting at bar 63.

This only works for one file, so for now I'm going to start a new file and rewrite the piece from scratch (and hope it doesn't happen again). Still, if it does happen again, I'd like to know if there's a way to prevent it.

I found several topics that cover the issue, but none seemed to resolve the problem (at least not for me).

Also, yes I've been to Properties and made sure that the "Play" checkbox is ticked on the problem notes. But given that this suddenly starts happening for all instruments exactly at bar 63, it doesn't seem to be related.

Thanks for any help!

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So you are saying that in the middle of a piece, you select a note to start playback. That note doesn't play, but playback starts after that note?

If so, does your computer meet the specs to run MU4?

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