• May 31, 2023 - 03:36

I don’t find MuseScore4 anywhere as user friendly as 3. It is also very slow. As a consequence I rarely use it, but am forced to when I download a tune – by default it now goes to 4. I also find it frustrating that i cannot cut and paste from one version (4) to the other (3). finally, when I copy a part from a score and paste it into a separate page, it often/usually comes out in a different key so that I have to transpose it.


MU4 is slow if your computer doesn't have the specs required it run it.

It is annoying that anything downloaded opens in MU4. If you export from MU4 as an mxl, you can open that in MU3.

I don't have the problem of C+P ending up in the wrong key. Can you give some examples .

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I have the score to Eleanor Rigby in MU3. we have lost our baritone player, so I copied the baritone part to transpose for tenor. when I pasted, it came out very low, that is several lines below the treble clef. I marked it all and took it up an octave. It was still too low, so I did it again. The first note is now 3rd line Bb instead of 2nd line G. I then marked it all and took it down 3 semitones. It is now in the correct key for Baritone sax, D major. That worked OK. The points are that is came out 2 octaves too low and in the wrong key. All fixable, but a complete mystery to me why it happens.

Repar the Mu3 instalation (by installing it again and picking the repair option)
After that Mu3 is the default for score files again (my way)
Or use right-click, open with, then pich Mu3 (or Mu4, like after the repair, also my way)
Or start Mu3 (or Mu4) and from within use File > Open

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thank you both. I must be stupid, but I cannot see how I go about downloading anything older than 4. When I go to older versions, it does not help.
while I am here, I wonder if someone can tell me how to enter a partial beat when I enter an anacrusis in MuseScore. I can only get whole beats. In particular, I need 1 1/2 beats.

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