Musescore 4 Only: XML Import: Optimized parts not being imported.

• Jun 5, 2023 - 00:23

The vocal line in many song sheets is optimized (does not appear in the beginning systems).
With Musescore 4 (Musescore 3 behaves as expected), optimized parts are dropped not imported.
- Original XML file (3 parts: Vocal + Piano)
- MusicXML Import graphic:
Musescore 4 = Only 2 parts appear
FINALE 26 = 3 parts successfully imported


Export of this file from Sibelius doesn't open properly either. It will open in MU3 ,as you say. And an export from MU3 will open properly in MU4. I suppose if you are doing this often from Finale then don't optimize.

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It might matter. I want to try different PDF reader from SmartScore to see where the problem is. Other software might not output the same thing SmartScore does. If that is true then there is more to it than just a MU4 problem. Maybe not. I'm just curious.

The vocal line is actually imported by MuseScore 4, but it is set to invisible due to the "staff-details print-object=no" element present. MuseScore 4 incorrectly handles the staff-details as applying to the whole staff.

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