MS3: How to change voice of notes *and* lyrics

• Jun 12, 2023 - 17:05

Hello everyone

I entered notes and their associated lyrics in voice 1. Now I want them to be voice 2. However, as soon as I change the notes to voice 2, the lyrics disappear (which is logical, in a way, since the lyrics are still in voice 1 while there are no notes in voice 1). Is there a way to change both the notes and the lyrics to voice 2 simultaneously (since the one can't exist without the other)?

(Using MuseScore 3, but answers for MS4 also welcome.)



This does not happen in my test with 3.6.2.
Enter notes in voice1, add lyrics to them. I made a copy to measure 2.
Use Tools / Voices / Exchange Voice 1-2
The lyrics then belong to voice 2.
Now you can add voice 1 notes and additional voice 1 lyrics but they are printed on the same position. So finally you need to select them and change the y-offset (here done in voice 2).

Using the voice buttons to move notes individually or in small batches indeed, works only on the notes and has some limitations as noted. Tools / Voices provides the commands for moving entire selections more robustly. None of this is different between MU3 and MU4.

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