MuseSounds suddenly disappeared

• Jun 16, 2023 - 16:20

Hey there!

I was working on some of my pieces and I suddenly noticed that the playback was way different from the day before. I therefore opened the mixer and noticed that the sounds for woodwinds and percussion had defaulted to MSBasic. I thought this was a simple fix, but I could not have been further from the truth...

MuseScore does not recognise the MuseSounds for woodwinds and percussion anymore, while the other packs are still included and used in playback.

MuseHub says that all packs should be available and I do not know what caused these packs to suddenly shift back to MSBasic, since I have not altered the settings of the program in any way over the last few days. Yesterday it was all working fine, and today it doesn't seem to work whatever I tried. The following things I have already done to resolve the problem:

  1. Close and open the program with the windows task-manager.

  2. Do a factoryreset of the MuseScore application in hopes to reboot the packs.

  3. Check the diagnostics in the app, which does recognise that the Muse Sampler-library has been found.

Can anyone please give me some advice on what to do, cause I need the audio playback for a project with a looming deadline...


You mean that you can't change those sounds back to Muse in the mixer?

Are the staff names something MU4 doesn't recognize? Can you change one of the woodwinds to a brass sound?

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Well, this is what I see. I am unable to change the woodwinds or percussion back to the MuseSounds. I can put something else on them. The staff names are the default names of the Dutch system on MU4, since I'm from the Netherlands.

It seems like the system does not recognise that those packs are installed, eventhough MuseHub says they are...

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This happened to me today...all the sounds defaulted to MuseBasic between sessions, though I get a 'loading sounds' bar when I open a score. And all the menu items relating to Hub and Sounds have disappeared.
I'm wary of reinstalling or uninstalling/reinstalling as some people report the whole programme fails if they do that.

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First, I'm not sure where you saw anyone reporting that MuseScore or Msue Hub or Muse Sounds has any problems if you reinstall it, but that's definitely not the case. it's seldom particularly useful, but it should never cause problems. And in this particular case, uninstalling and reinstalling the sounds (not MuseScore, not Msue Hub - just the sounds themselves) is the answer. Probably there was an automatic update since the last time you used it and something went wrong to interrupt the update - like your internet connection failing. The uninstall/reinstall of the sounds is the solution. Be sure to close and restart MuseScore as well, but reinstalling it shouldn't be necessary.

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