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• Jun 18, 2023 - 15:37

I have been having this issue about tied staccato notes. Whenever i would tied two notes together and add 2 staccatos to those 2 notes, it would never re-articulate. theres this song called Arvory by Lucky Chops and it uses a lot of that. you could check out transcriptions here on musescore and youll see what im talking about. please i want this issue fixed i dont know if its only me or other people are dealing with it too


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Indeed. A tie extends the duration of the first note - it is nonsense to add staccato dots to both notes and MuseScore quite correctly doesn't do so. Just because other posters have done it doesn't mean they are right!

I've attached examples of how it should be written. (I'm sorry that I haven't had time to line up the individual notes to make it clearer)

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You can write it how you want, but just as a human musician won't understand tied staccato notes and will play whatever they think makes sense to them, same with MuseScore. If you have a specific sound you want to hear, best to just write it in the standard way. if you wish to write one thing but hear something different, silence the notes you wrote using the Properties panel, then add the notes you really meant to another staff and mark it hidden.

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The only thing I can think of is that maybe tied staccato notes mean some kind of accent. In which case to get playback to work you'd need an accent instead of staccato. Regardless of what other transcriptions do. Tied staccato notes just make no sense.

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