musescore 4 dont work

• Jun 18, 2023 - 22:52

hi everybody, since the first of june, i buyed my first audio external device, a focusrite scarlett 2i2, i downloaded the focusrite software and focusrite drivers, after that purchase, i tried to log in musescore ( it always worked pretty well) and after that it never worked again. I tried to reinstall musescore, muse hub, and also to delete every form of focusrite drivers and softwares, i also plugged out my audio device but musescore 4 still dont open. Help me, pls


Probably MU4 is confused about what is your default audio device. I use a Focusrite sometimes with my less powerful computers. check out for some ideas for settings to try. For practice, go through the settings without the Focusrite. Especially uncheck exclusive mode.Once you get it working, hook up the interface and go through the settings again with the interface as the default device. Then start MU4.

Try unplugigng the device. Also try rebooting. If that doesn't fix it, please explain in detail what you are doing and what goes wrong. What OS, how you are trying to start MuseScore, what happens when you do.

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