Any way to modify how an instrument sounds (dryness, wetness, reverb etc.)

• Jun 21, 2023 - 02:25

Just wondering... I'm using my own sound fonts, and I want to increase the reverb, but I don't know how


MuseScore 4.1 - currently in beta testing, should be out for real soon - will have a new built-in reverb control. For previous MU4 versions, you cannot change the built-in reverb, but you can add more using the Audio FX within the mixer, if you have any effects plugins installed (such as those you can obtain from Muse Hub). Note that's not yet supported on Linux, but the new 4.1 reverb is.

For older versions of MuseScore, there are global controls in View / Synthesizer. Not as sophisticated as the per-instrument controls in MU4, but can be useful nonetheless.

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