My file is corrupted MuseScore 4

• Jun 27, 2023 - 22:13

My file is corrupted with the message "The file is seriously damaged and cannot be processed" and do not open. Someone can help me?

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Yes, there was quite a problem in opening this score.

This is what I did:
1. Open the .mscz in 7-Zip
2. Delete the Excerpts folder
3. Extract the .mscx file to a different folder
4. Try to open the .mscx file in MS3: file is corrupted, so choose Ignore
5. The file opens OK in MS3, so delete the parts
6. Save the score as .mscz and close the file

The .mscz in MS3 format now opens in MS3 without any reported errors. But unfortunately it still crashes if you try to open the same .mscz file in MS4, with the message:
File "" is critically corrupted and cannot be processed"

I tried exporting the score from MS3 as an XML file, in both compressed (.mxl) and uncompressed (.musicxml) formats. But MS4 still would not open the file. I am out of ideas at this point, sorry!

Perhaps someone else with more knowledge can export the .mscz file in MS3 as uncompressed MusicXML and repair it with a text editor?

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Summer Soul 2023 without parts - MS3.mscz 179.79 KB

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