local time signature issues despite empty measures

• Jul 11, 2023 - 00:34

hi, im trying to place a 2/4 time signature locally in a bar of 6/8 and it shows the measure is not empty error, but the measure has nothing in it. none of the staves have any notes all the way to the end bar of the piece, and even if i add new measures and try to place it in them, the error still appears

im in musescore 4 (the latest version) on windows 10

on the score im trying to place it on the oboe part after the duplet (and the harp in the same measure)

sorry if dumb

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Works for me, like in measure 234 and later. Not before though, and indeed those ain't empty in the other staves. That issue has apparently been fixed in 4.1.0, due for release shortly

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In MS 4.1 I get a very clear error message when trying to add a local time signature at m.234:
Cannot change local time signature.jpg

[EDIT] Thanks are due to @jm6stringer for https://musescore.org/en/node/339395#comment-1164656 where he explains the Excerpts folder which is embedded in a .mscz file in MS4.
What I did is this:
1. Close the score.
2. Use the free 7-Zip utility to open the .mscz as a zip file.
3. Select the folder named Excerpts which contains the parts.
4. Delete the Excerpts folder using the Delete key on the keyboard.
5. Close 7-Zip.

Then re-open the .mscz file in MS4.1, and it's now possible to create the local time signature:
Local time signature.jpg

In general, it's really not a good idea to generate the Parts until you have finished composing (or transcribing) a Full Score.

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