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• Jul 12, 2023 - 00:28

Hello, it would be nice to have a function that transforms repeats and returns (Seigno, Coda...) into full measures so that the score becomes with a simple click readable by an orchestra during a concert reading. And when we want retrieve again all simplifications of the score, we can click again on the same button.


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For example : When you have a measure with repeat bars, you can also duplicate it, no? But you prefer using repeat bars to reduce the length of your score. But I’m certain cases, you need to delete this repeat bars (like when you play with an orchestra). This is what we need : a button to transform a score reduced in complete score and vice versa.

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Indeed, it's a feature that will be nice to add. But professional all professional composers, conductors, and musicians I know insist on the same roadmap between the score and parts. The composer always writes exactly what he wants the conductor to see, and the conductor always sees exactly what the performers do. I've never met a professional who would tolerate any deviation here. So, again, while the unroll feature might be nice to have someday, if your goal is to achieve professional results, the best way to do that is to write what you want the conductor and performers to see. So no need to wait for the unroll feature or tolerate the sub0-standard results of MU3 - just write what you want to see directly, today, using MU4.

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Maybe you could explain in more detail your unique needs and we can try to assist better. But if you truly care About achieving professional results, you certainly should not subject your musicians to having to reading the sub-standard notation produced by MuseScore 3 when there is such a superior option available.

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