What is a "portable"?

• Jul 15, 2023 - 12:01

Recently the nightbuilds have been coming in the form of "portables", that is, with ".paf.exe" extension.

What is a "portable" in the first place? To me it looks like all previous official releases - you still need to install it in order to use it. How Is "portable" different from "non-portable"?


It doesn't really install, just unpack, it'll leave no trace on your system, like in the registry.
You can 'install' it on a thumb drive and Carr it around and use on a different computer without further ado

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I just tried this one.
When running it creates tmp files on my C drive and delete that folder on when program stops.
Is it possible to not use such a temp folder?

I also don't understand the naming of the nightly
What is what?

[ ] MuseScoreNightly-latest-master-x86_64-portable.exe 2023-07-19 05:36 93M
[ ] MuseScore- 2023-07-19 05:36 93M
[ ] MuseScoreNightly-latest-4.1.1-x86_64.7z 2023-07-19 05:32 92M
[ ] MuseScoreNightly-232000501-4.1.1-e8b56e1-x86_64.7z 2023-07-19 05:32 92M

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