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• Jul 25, 2023 - 09:44


I am using MuseScore 3.6.2. I downloaded a style file yesterday and everything was working fine. I then noticed that the hairpins that I inputted suddenly disappeared. I didn't alter anything to the look or behaviour of the hairpins at all. The file attached below should have hairpins at bars 31 and 51.

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I think that you have inflicted this problem on yourself with the Style file by changing the default font for several elements - not just for Hairpins. I see several settings in Format > Style... > Text Styles which use MS Shell Dlg 2 as the font, and very many which use the Lato font. For example:

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Just open the MSCZ file in a ZI{P program and you'll find the MSCX there. But, you shouldn't need to do that - presumably the fonts being used are ones you have on your system. It's only for the sake of others trying to help diagnose the problem that we might need to examine the MSCX file ourselves. Although note also, if you intend to share this score with anyone else, it won't work as expected unless you stick to standard fonts that are universally present on all systems.

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The non-standard fonts are problem if you wish to share this score with others, but I don't think they are the reason the hairpins are not displaying. The issue is that somehow the hairpin line style has been set to nonexistent value. That might be a side effect of some other style customization you made. We've seen this happen in these older versions of MuseScore before but I don't know if anyone ever tracked down the cause. Hasn't been reported yet in the MU4, FWIW.

Meanwhile. to fix it in this score, add another hairpin by making a selection and pressing "<". This will leave the hairpin selected even though you can't see it. Now do to the Inspector and change the line style to dashed and then back to continuous. Now you'll see it. Then press the "set as style" button.

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