Musesounds won't appear as active in musescore

• Aug 1, 2023 - 17:07

I just updated my MacOS from Catalina to Ventura (13.4.1), and so I wanted to try out MuseSounds since MuseHub wasn't available on Catalina. But each time I try to install Musesounds, musescore won't recognize in the playback menu that musesounds is installed, so it just says that musesounds is inactive.

I've tried all of the solutions proposed on GitHub and on the MuseHub support pages, but nothing works. I've cleared every single file of musescore/musehub (using CCleaner as well as manually) and re-installed them again, I've restarted my computer several times, checked my disk permissions etc. using the disk utility, I've tried changing the install location of the musesounds to another folder using the musehub settings menu, and a dozen of other things on top of that, but nothing works! MuseScore still says that musesounds doesn't exist despite musehub saying otherwise.

Musescore diagnostics also states that musesampler lib hasn't been found - I looked around my computer and found that musesampler DOES exist, but it's within a zip folder, unpacked. Isn't it supposed to be unpacked and sit in some folder somewhere to be properly recognized by musescore?


No idea about a Mac, but on Windows, the MuseSampler is unzipped and in the same parent folder as MuseHub.

As per your second screenshot, It is standard to have MuseBasic active in a new install. So I assume you tried selecting MuseSounds? Just checking.

I don't think Muse Sampler Library is the same thing as Muse Sounds. Looks like the program couldn't find the sampler, because it was zipped. There may not have been a problem with Muse Sounds at all.

Hopefully a Mac person will chime in and tell where the Sampler is supposed to go.

If Muse Sampler is not found, that's the problem. Sounds like you were messing around with settings, so please completely uninstall Muse Hub and all sounds, then reinstall and be sure to have all settings at their defaults. Then it should install correctly.

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I'm not sure of the correct location for the Muse Sampler to have been installed on macOS or what other kinds of things to look out that might have gone wrong, but hopefully someone else here knows. If not, try the official Muse Hub support site at

Oh, one thing I do know - be sure to restart MuseScore after installing the Muse Sounds.

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