Multiple sections can't be deleted, cut, or copied and pasted

• Aug 1, 2023 - 17:22

If I select a single note, I can right-click and choose Select, and either Similar, Similar on this staff, or More... However, after all of those note types are selected there aren't any functions that seem to affect the selected notes. They can't be deleted, cut, or even copied and pasted within the sheet or a new sheet. Is this function no available yet in 4.1.1 on MacOS or is this a bug?

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What is it that you are trying to do. Once a selection is made you can do most operations. Delete should work, for example.

You can delete discontiguous selections of notes just fine, but you cannot copy/paste them, because it really wouldn't make sense in general. For instance, what would it mean copy a selection consisting of one note from one measure and another note from another measure and another from another staff entirely? Copy/paste is only available for single notes or for ranges - contiguous selections with a blue box around them. So, assuming the notes you are trying to select *are contiguous, you can select them normally without using the Select dialog. If you need to exclude certain voices or whatever from the range, use View / Selection filter.

BTW, none of this is specific to 4.1.1 or to macOS - no version of MuseScore has ever supported copy/paste of discontinuous selections of notes, for the reason stated.

If you need further assistance, please attach your score and describe what you are trying to do in more detail.

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In the version I'm running, on my MacOS M1 system, when I select all rests using the selection option I explained in the initial post, I am unable to do any operation including delete. It's good to know that copy/paste isn't support. However, delete doesn't work either. Here is an example that won't let me delete the rests if I select them using that option.

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Well, sure, rests can't be deleted, whether selected single or in a discontinuous selection. Rests represent silence; you can have something more silent than that :). Perhaps what you really were trying to do is move some subsequent notes earlier in time? Just do that directly, via cut and paste.

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It lets you delete them one at a time... why not when selected as a group? I'm trying to take a whole sheet of generated notes, remove the padded rests, and put them in 4-beats a measure rather than 2-beats. Seems like a valid use case if the app allows deleting them one-by-one.

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No, again, rests cannot be deleted, period. Not voice 1 rests anyhow. If in another voice, they can be - and that applies singly or in groups.

I sort of get what you're trying to do here but not really You want to move some given note from beat 3 to beat 2? As mentioned, cut and paste is how. Nothing you do to beats 1 or 2 will force a note currently on beat 3 to move any earlier. Againk, to move a note, don't look for rests to delete - just move the note you want to move directly.

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I am both a user and a developer. Again, rests can only be deleted in voices 2 or above, and it's been that way for all 12 years I've been working on this project :-).

Now, you can if you wish to remove time from a measure. Ctrl+Delete will remove the time completely - whether currently occupied by rest or a note - leaving the measure with too few beats. But it's not at all clear that you'd want that here - the result would be incorrect notation.

Again, if you explain in more detail what you are trying to do and why, we can understand and assist better,

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I appreciate the effort to assist. In my case, I have multiple ways that I might produce MID music and one is to simply play a song with my guitar and try to convert the MP3 to MID. It's not always perfect and often times it places numerous rests everywhere in the score. Anyway, I decided to just write a plugin to remove all empty measures from a score. I can just switch timing from 4/4 to 1/4, remove all the empty measures, and then switch the timing back to 4/4 to get rid of all of the rests being inserts by the conversion... I published the plugin in case someone else has a similar issue

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