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• Aug 14, 2023 - 15:02

Another glitch, perhaps of my own making? Please help. shows 7 parts (correct) but the part names on the right header information are 5 x synthesizer + 2 Bass guitar! How so?

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I am still having this interminable problem, (incorrect parts), this time on a different score Grave Goods. (attached).
Could someone check this file for me and assure me it has the correct parts?
To see what happens see the web score at
Either my parts are incorrectly stated within musescore4 on my local drive, OR there is a bug on the upload.
I realise that if the latter then the guys at should fix it, but the case has been reported and I can't remember when - a long time ago!
Really strange that it happens on two different scores. "Synthesizer(3) + Bass Guitar" on this one and "Synthesizer (5) + Bass Guitar" on the She Walks file.
On both pieces of music I specify Choral or SATB on the upload description, and surely it should take the parts from within the mscz file anyway. Exasperated.
Maybe someone could try uploading this under their own name to
If the files are corrupted, is there a way to cleanse them?
Much appreciated.

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I did bring this up with, but (no surprise) got no response.
In desperation I created another score (478), made sure the parts are vocal, copied bars from Grave Goods into it.
Lo and behold the same problem persists! It is astonishing why I should be getting this but no-one else is. Perhaps if I asked you to kindly upload this score for me after verifying its parts are correct, then check what shows on the website? This would at least help throw a pointer towards which process/system is causing it....

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I have now sent the following support e-mail to
Dear Sirs,
This problem has been happening for a long time.
I have incorrect parts showing on one of my pieces on the website:
"Grave Goods" at
They are shown as Synthesizer (3), Bass Guitar. Not so !!!
On my musescore 4 file I specify SATB with S, A T, B vocal parts.
It appears there must be a bug on the upload.
I specify Choral or SATB on the upload description. The category also comes up as "Classical for Bass Guitar"!!!
I think I reported this issue before?

Much appreciated.
Ali Wood

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Well, It's not just you. Things I tried to load into
1. Your score
2. A page of your score
3. A page of your score copied into a new score
4. My own vocal score copied from Sibelius
5. A new score created in MU4

All marked SATB.
All had the same incorrect instrument listing.

I did not try something other than SATB in the upload.

The plot thickens.

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