MuseScore 4.1.1 wide beams option resets shortest stem configurations

• Aug 20, 2023 - 00:58


When we select the "Wide Beams" option in the Beams menu of the Style configuration in MuseScore 4, the setting for Shortest Stem loses its effect and is no longer applied. Maybe it's a bug? Or perhaps there's a way to prevent this from happening?

I'm using MuseScore 4.1.1, the latest update, on Ubuntu KDE Plasma.

Thank you!



It doesnt seem like a bug as version 4.2.1 still acts like this: wide beams option makes Sortest Stem value useless in Style config.

Is there any way of avoiding this conflict?

Also... Why v. 3.6 ability to control the wideness of beams is missing on v. 4? It was really useful for people like me, who doesn't like thin beams, to have specific control of the space between beams afterall.

I appreciate if anyone can give an insight on this topic. Thanks!

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I found this topic:

And I understand that the new algorithm only works with two sets for distance between beams.

Nevertheless, when the topic's author says that...

"Beam thickness can still be changed, but the beam distance is then automatically calculated from that so the correct beam distance will result."

...I understand that when beams are configured to be thick, the distance between them should keep the same of default thickness, even with regular beams distance set.

But what actually happens is that thick beams superimpose and depending on the thickness there is no space between beams in regular distance set, what lead us to choose wide beams distance resulting in loss of stems settings.

Is beams regular distance supposed to keep the same despite the thickness of beams or not?


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All the rules about beam placement and geometry are based around them being 0.75sp apart (measuring from the middle of one beam to the middle of the next), so this is now deliberately fixed, though though with the addition of the 'wide beams' option which spaces them 1.0sp apart. The thickness of the beams that are drawn can still be changed, though.

'Shortest stem' is also a bit obsolete now - at least if you try to reduce it - because there are other factors which influence how short beams can be in different contexts, which require more sophisticated controls, which are not exposed yet in the UI. You're quite right that it does nothing with 'wide beams' though, which is surely just a bug.

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