French horn MuseSounds range needs amendment

• Sep 3, 2023 - 10:34


There are some errors regarding the MuseSounds recorded range of the French Horn in Musescore 4. The range listed as playable by professionals (concert C2-F5), and features MuseSounds recordings is too small.

First, regarding the low range, MuseSounds lowest note is written G2 (concert C2) but every good professional should be able to reach C2 (concert F1). Two notable examples in the orchestral repertoire below the musescore range are - E2 (concert A1) in Shostakovich 5th Symphony (all 4 horns play this) and F2 (Bb1) in Mahler 1. The horn can technically reach F#1 (concert B0) with valves 123, though I do not know of anyone who can go below Bb 1 (concert Eb) and notes from C2 (concert F1) and below are too weak/difficult.

As for the high range - which MuseSounds cuts out after C6 (concert F5) - this is also wrong. An excellent high horn professional should be able to reach E6 (concert A5). Examples of repertoire with notes above C6 are - Strauss -Symphonia Domestica and Schumann - Konzerstuck for 4 horns (both E6 (A5 concert)). Some Haydn symphonies go to F6 (concert Bb6) and there are countless other examples with notes from C6-E6. Of course notes above concert F5 are playable competently only by highly skilled professionals and must be used sparingly.

For these reasons the French Horn MuseSound recordings should be updated to encompass concert F1-Bb5. This is not written to argue that this range encompasses what is realistic for the average horn player, but what can and has been played on the horn by a skilled professional.


or skip Muse Sounds and just use a proper VST orchestra plugin... it's possible if you're composing for a professional or highly skilled concert band, that you'd be rendering the results in a pro-level audio tool...

The Section Brass Sound Ranges (Trumpets A4, Trombones A3, & Horns A6) have to be updated to match the same Extended Ranges as their Solo Counterparts (Trumpet, Trombone, & Horn in F).

Consider that as far as fonts go, extreme high sounds don't always sound very good. Same for very low sounds. Actually, real players, even skilled professionals don't always sound very good at extreme range. The Micheal Hyden trumpet concerto goes up to G6 which isn't in my Sibelius sounds, either. Composers have written for extreme ranges. Doesn't always mean it is correct or musical.

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I used to (I'm too old now) be able to hit high notes with accuracy but C7 was about my limit, with anything further being by luck rather than by design. And, yes, an F6 sounded very thin on a Bb cornet, C trumpet, Eb cornet. Even on a very good piccolo trumpet, anything above F6 is pretty flaky.

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