Hi-Hat Notation Question

• Oct 5, 2014 - 22:38

Trying to notate a drum part with both closed and open Hi-hat hits. A common symbol for the open Hi-hat is an x on the line above the staff with a small "zero" or "o" above the stem. This doesn't seem to be present in the MuseScore 1.3 drum pallette, even though it has a symbol for open Hi-hat that sounds correct.

What to do?



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This is from another thread I just posted but this issue was part of it.

This is sort of the mother of drum notation issues and THE ultimate opportunity for MuseScore to shine. In short, if you address this, you will gain, I believe, copious amounts of cred and love from the scoring/publishing drumming community. I would stand on a mountain top and tweet to my hearts content if...

Anywhooo, it would be just deliriously and unconscionably exquisite if there *would* be a function to place an "o" above the hi-hat note...wait for it.....*automatically*. The circled x really indicates a crash or effects cymbal. I am not a programmer and do not know what they are up against to make this happen, but the best I could gather from my experience with Encore and their indifferent and uncommunicative staff of programmers was various sentiments synonymous to "shut up".

Would LOVE to see MuseScore hit a home run with this!

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