• Sep 29, 2023 - 19:48

Im having trouble with soundfonts. I can't see how to use it in one score but not another. If I have the sound font on it will play on every score not just the one I want. Also is a soundfont meant to give you new instruments or just change the sounds?

Thank you


As you save a score with a certain font, it will reload with that font. If you start a new score you will need to change the font to the one you want, if you need it to be different. Each score should open using the font that you saved for it. Different fonts may have different instruments. Or better sounds.

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OK, I didn't know you where using MU3. Still, you would initially load sounds into your score using the mixer. Thereafter, they should load automatically when you open the score. Assuming you saved the score.
Every instrument in both the fonts in your image will load into the mixer.

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In the current version of MuseScvore, not only are your sounds remembered for each score, but they are also automatically uploaded when you publish to With older versions, you unfortunately have to manage this yourself. But for the upload to, that much is easy even in older version - just check the box to upload score audio when saving online.

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