Any decent free sound for Soprano that goes higher than Muse Sounds

• Nov 21, 2023 - 19:57

I'm in the middle of a Mozart opera transcription and I've been coming across some pretty high notes in the soprano role parts, but they have all been in the range of Muse Sounds Sopranos. Until now. I just reached an aria where the highest note is D6. But Muse Sounds Sopranos only goes up to C6. This poses a bit of an issue because nothing goes higher than soprano, it's not like high bass voice notes where I can do an instrument change to tenor and then delete the clef change or high alto notes where I can do an instrument change to soprano.

It's just the one note in the 1 aria for this particular opera(Die Schuldigkeit des Ersten Gebotes, Mozart's very first opera), but I know I will come across more of these very high soprano notes as I get to later Mozart operas(think the infamous Queen of the Night aria from Die Zauberflöte that reaches as high as F6) and then eventually Romantic era operas.

I know there's 1 obvious solution to this and that is to use MS Basic Soprano, but I don't particularly like the sound of MS Basic vocals and I don't think it will fit all that well into an opera where all the other notes in all the other voices are perfectly in Muse Sounds range. And all the "Solo Soprano" and "Operatic Soprano" sounds I'm finding are super expensive and I don't really like having to pay for something if there's decent free options.


Just listening to C6 between Muse and Basic sounds, It's hard for me to tell a great difference. And you can run the Basic soprano through the pro EQ to take some of the harshness out of it. Might not work for the whole score. VSTs are going to cost. You might look for sf2 fonts. Good luck.

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