Crackling broken playback sound

• Dec 1, 2023 - 14:18

All my songs play back perfectly on my desk top. However, the more complex ones start off fine but then If I play them back on my lap top, which has as an i3 4 GB CPU, 250 GB HD, Windowns 11, then, say between bar 10 and 20 and off and on beyond, the sound stars to crackle and completely breake up. I have noticed that when this happens the CPU usage hits 100% . I have attached one of my more complex compositions 'Tears Of Joy'- and the one, amongst others, that gives this problem on my laptop , but not on my desktop.

So my question is, is this something to do with the song, that I can adjust, or is it just the way it is - - I need a
more powerful lap top?

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I suspect that a computer i3 with 4GB RAM and Win 11 could be the reason - even with MuS 3.6.2. Win 11 needs a lot of resources itself.
The score was created with MuS 3.6.2, which Musescore version are you using? Is the hard drive a SSD?
You probably need a more powerful laptop.

On my desktop computer, almost 10 years old, 8GB RAM, i7 CPU, Win 7, it runs without problems - with less than 20% CPU load and MuS 3.6.2.

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Thanks for you comments

I am using 3.6.2. Yes the HD is SSD. What you say about my lap top is much as I expected. My desk top is 8 years old also with 8 Gb RAm, i7, but with Windows 11. And as I said, no problems. I just thought there might be something that I was missing, that could fix it. Some of my more simple songs only push my lap to no more than, say, 80% CPU load and thene there is no problem.

Well sure, with some trickery you can put W11 on an old computer. I've done it. But it might not run quite as well. Especially with only 4 gb of ram. MU4 or MU3 aside. The computer I did it to was always just a little sluggish on W11. i3 CPU 8gb ram and an SSD. Ran much better when I put it back to W10.

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Thank you all for your comments and the time you have taken. It is clear that my lap top and it's weak i3/ 4 Gb is the problem. Two of my computer geek friends have said the same. Nothing to do with MuseScore. I never cease to wonder at the capabilities of MuseScore and what it has done for me , musicwise.

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