Copy/paste accidentals (0.9.6 regression)

• Nov 28, 2009 - 02:27
S5 - Suggestion

I´m trying the musescore 0.9.6 on windows XP

Sometimes, when I copy paste a bar or a couple of bars from one instrument to another, the accidentals change. If the origin has an F sharp, for example, once pasted in another instrument it becomes a g flat. Anyone has the same problem?



Please note that 0.9.6 is not yet released and you are using a prerelease or nightly build .

The bug is a regression in the development versions of 0.9.6 as a result of

Even though it wouldn't seem like it at first, the root cause of the copy-paste issue is lossy transposition. The copy paste bug should be fixed once this this issue is fixed:

I will add a cross reference to this bug in the non-lossy transposition report.

Status (old) active fixed

fixed in rev. 2740. Normal copy/paste now preserves pitch spelling. Copy of transposing instruments transposes always to concert pitch, pasting transposes to instrument if not in concert pitch mode.

Status (old) closed active

I'm still experiencing the bug with revision 2613, it should be reopened.
It changed e flat to d sharp and b sharp to c without accidental.

Status (old) active closed

As commented in #3, it's fixed in r2740. r2613 is not a stable release. Please upgrade to MuseScore r3507