Huge black eyes and other mess created by cut and paste

• Jan 8, 2024 - 13:59

I am working on a full orchestral piece. As it is about thirty minutes long I have been working on one central section separately tomake it more manageable. I have attempted to paste it in to the middle of the main score but two problems occur. I get a continuous chord sounding over the entire score making it an unlistenable mess and it has put in two enormous eye shaped black lumps as shown in the screen snip below. I have no idea what they even represent. I tried deleting them and saving again but the unwanted chord doesn't go away.
I don't want to share the whole score here because it is my own original work that has taken a huge amount of time to date.

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I have aslo had problems when copy and pasting big orchestral pieces in the past. I guess you could try copying the whole thing and copying t into a new score.

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Thanks, I have pasted it in now, in page view, saved with a different name and reopened. All appears OK until I go back to continuous view when one of the massive black ovals returns. So it is solved but not solved. I can live with it for now, but can you tell me when is it hoped to be able to issue a permanent fix please?

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