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• Jan 18, 2024 - 16:18

I would like to know if one of my scores can be recovered. When working on the score on my desktop musescore app I was initially unable to save it to my account to be able to access it on another device and after multiple attempts closed the score, reopened the app and I am now unable to open the score at all (even when saved in the app on my desktop) as when I click on it I get a notification reading "your score is invalid". I am unsure what is meant by this and would like to know if it would be possible to recover the score so that I can at least view it again.


Open the file using a reader such as TextEdit on Mac. If it isn’t just zeros, there may be hope of recovering it. In any case, go to your score manager on the website and look for it there. If you find it, download it.

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It was actually haha. Although I do have some notes on paper from when I was debating what harmony to use so at least I can use that to help jog my memory and reconstruct it in a new score. I definitely will try that this time and make sure I can actually save the score to my account before I start.

> ... would like to know if it would be possible to recover the score ...

If the message "the score is invalid" appears, this can have various causes. Can it be recovered or not? We can only say when we have it and can examine it.

Attach it here and someone will look at it and repair it if possible.

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If you see this preview image - it is ultimately a link to the file - then it must have been saved somewhere. MuseScore says "File invalid" and not "File not found". So it is there, but corrupted.
Scores are usually saved in the folder "...\Documents\MuseScore4\Scores", but of course you can save a file on all possible drives and folders. Use the search function of your file manager and search for the name.

Or you have saved it in the cloud. Then click on your name at the top right and look under "My scores".

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