Surface Pro note input

• Feb 3, 2024 - 13:36

I am planning on buying a tablet for reading sheet music and composing on the go, and it seems the best option is a Surface Pro, simply because it is actually a Windows device which can run the full version of Windows.
But since there is no numeric keypad on the keyboard of the device, what would be your recommended way of quickly inputting notes?
My guess is two options: getting a USB hub and an extra numeric keypad, or a small MIDI keyboard.
What would be your preferred way and would you advise me to buy a Surface Pro at all?
Thanks so much and kind regards :)


You don't need a numpad for note input, it juist makes it easier.

Another option would be a bluetooth device, full keyboard, or just numpad

I have a Surface pro, and MuseScore works perfectly well on it.
Editing scores without the physical surface keyboard connected is possible (and I'm editing existing scores on it), the virtual keyboard provides all necessary keys.
However it is a bit tedious, the Qt framework used by MuseScore is not working very well on Surface, e.g. giving focus to a text field doesn't pop up the virtual keyboard as it should.
And the cross to hide panels is tiny making it impossible to close them this way.
Now on Surface any serious editing work, beit with MuseScore or another program will work way better with the physical keyboard anyway.
Don't forget to buy it (sometimes there are offers for boxes containing the surface and the keyboard (and sometimes the mouse and Pen as well) for a smaller price than the surface alone.

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I didn't mention : in sessions, having all my MuseScore scores available on the surface is super convenient, as is the possibility to bring quick correction to them.
My fellow musicians typically have an Android tablet with all there scores in pdf, they have to annotate the pdf and do the correction at home in MuseScore and reexport the pdf. I much prefer my surface.

I have the keyboard for my Surface that magnetically connects and folds up like a laptop. And disconnects so it can be set vertically. It doesn't have a data pad, but then my main laptop doesn't either. As far as portability goes, it just depends on how much you are willing to lug around.

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