Manual layout changes not propagated to the parts

• Mar 22, 2024 - 00:05

I formatted the master using the system break in the layout pallet. This formatting is not propagated to the parts. I used some measure splits to get system breaks in the middle of a measure. The measure splits are propagated to the parts.


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Is really cumbersome. I needed a split measure to get the system-end in the middle of a measure and that is propagated to the parts, but the connected system-end is not.... I consider this a bad behaviour.
On top of that it is nor really unclear to what is, and what is not propagated. If I expand, or shrink the system to circumvent using manuallay added system-ends, is that then propagated or not?

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I try to understand. For my choir work it happens frequently that I need a system break in the middle of a measure, since that is the end-of-line in the text. For choir music it enhances readability.
In my case I needed to change the lyrics (the text of the Canadian antehm has been changed), and that results in repositioning the forte and fortissimo in front of the text and re-entering all system-ends in each part...

I really would like a choice to propagate or not.

But, to get it clear, formatting through style and page menu items are also used in the parts, right?

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Yes, you need to re-apply those system breaks. There's a plugin abvaolöable to help with that, IIRC.

Yes and no. Changes of those to the main score don't propagate to the parts, once those got modified in any form, else they do get created on the fly and with the same page and style settings as the main score

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