Can't play from beginning after the first time you enter notes in a score

• Mar 24, 2024 - 01:44

The first time you add notes to a new or existing score, you can't rewind to the beginning to hear what you entered.

To Reproduce:
1. Make a new score and enter a few notes into it.
2. Click rewind, or exit note input mode and select the first element in the score (like the clef or key signature or even the first note).
3. Hit play and hear the error: It plays back from the last note entered, and not from the beginning.

This, to me, seems like a bad regression. Does anyone know if this has been reported to Github already. If not, I will do so.

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You are correct. But I've only been able to reproduce this in a new score. And it only happens the first time. And not in previous scores. I never really noticed it before.

Have you tried clicking that measure again after exiting editing by clicking 'N'? I always do it so i'm a bit surprised someone had a problem regarding this situation

After watching the video attachment, you haven't exited editing and just clicked play.. That's the reason why the playback always starts after those notes.

Hope this helps! :D

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Thanks very much for your reply. Watch again and you'll see that I DID actually exit editing mode (note that the pencil button deselects because I used the shortcut "N" to exit Note Input Mode). I just didn't click the measure again to play back. But after another test, I find that clicking the measure doesn't help. It still doesn't play from the beginning. And even if I click rewind it doesn't play from the beginning. So there's just something major wrong.

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Hmmm, that's strange.. I'll attach a video clip and try to spot what you haven't done yet

Unfortunately, i can't attach a .mov here, but after watching your video again.. Try hitting the play button and click the measure while it's still playing.. If it still doesn't work i think you should update your musescore if possible..

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