Writing notes in the braille pannel

• Mar 30, 2024 - 23:41

I'm using NVDA on my windows machine. I'm running into trouble when I'm needing to make an edit. I've figured out I can press delete and it will remove the note to the left. I'm getting stuck here. For some reason I don't understand, I'll be in the braille panel, having just deleted something or sometimes even navigating to the next measure with ctrl right arrow. I'll go to type in braille symbols and absolutely nothing happens. I'm still learning braille music as I go, using MuseScore as a learning tool, although I can't figure out how to write a grace note symbol to save my life. I've seen tell of using a / as a keyboard shortcut but I'm assuming I'd need to shift tab back to the note input area to do that. I'm learning to play bagpipes so it's kinda important.
Thanks guys!

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