Note input issues for a 2 voice drumset on MIDI keyboard

• Apr 6, 2024 - 10:46

Hi, this is my first time posting on the forum, so I'll try my absolute best to explain my issue clearly. I have searched the forum and haven't been able to find an answer.

I have used Musescore for a couple of years now, almost exclusively for drum transcription and worksheet creation for students. I'm no pro, but I have an ok understanding of the basics. I have just bought a midi keyboard for the sole purpose of getting note input done a little faster, but I am having an issue with voicing.

My issue is specifically in relation to moments in my drum part where instruments from 2 different voices are played at once as a "chord" (for example, hi hat (voice 1) and bass drum (voice 2). If you know much about the drums, then you'll know that this is incredibly common. Here is what I am seeing:

When I enter note input mode, and after I have chosen a note duration, I attempt to slowly "perform" my drum pattern into the score, step by step. It seems that I have to be VERY careful about which note/voice is played first in the "chord". If I play the hi-hat first (and hold it down) and then the bass drum, both notes are entered into voice 1 (because the hi hat was played first and this instrument is in voice 1). The opposite is also true, if I play the bass drum first and hold it down, then play the hi hat, both instruments are entered into voice 2. Neither of these are acceptable, as the drumset is a multi-voice instrument, so this has flow on effects to rests, stem direction, and overall readability.

I am wondering why the program doesn't just honour the voicings and settings from the instrument as per the "edit drumset" dialog? I have recently trialled another notation program that does this perfectly for drumset via midi keyboard input and just don't know if I'm getting something wrong here?

I really hope I've explained that clearly. Please anyone do let me know if you need more info to clarify.

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