Please go back to letting us open multiple files without having to reload the whole program every time!

• Apr 8, 2024 - 08:20

I am a music theory professor. Musescore is a huge component of my classes. Students turn almost all of their work in on Musescore. With the new Musescore 4 update, when I grade, every single file I open has to reload the whole entire program. Why? It is insane. It has single handedly doubled the amount of time it takes me to grade papers because I'm literally just sitting there staring at my laptop, waiting for the file to load. Why would you do this? It does absolutely nothing to improve the functionality of Musescore. On behalf of Music Theory professors and teachers around the world, please bring back the ability to open multiple files quickly without having to reload the entire program for every single submitted assignment. We're already overworked as it is and this makes me want ot scream. This is absolutely maddening for us. I'm begging.


Given the significant constraints, I doubt this behaviour will be reintroduced, at least soon. See:
Also, tell me if I'm wrong (I used to teach music too), but I'm not sure that V4 is absolutely necessary for works to be exchanged with students. By waiting, V3 has proved its worth, and if it improves your workflow, I for one wouldn't hesitate!

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Still need to have another go with that. Tried twice to download and use it and it simply crashed. However, my system was very unstable at the time - just reinstalled Mint 21.3 and everything seems to be working much better. So the problem was probably on my end.

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If your computer meets the specs to use MU4, even large scores should load quickly. True, you can't load 20 scores at once. I think I've had 12 open at once.
But it's all about having the right computer specs.

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