Is there a way to change default setting of tied notes (ties) in guitar tablature?

• May 10, 2024 - 21:31

It seems with the latest update of Musescore 4, which I just updated to, the default setting now includes ties and tied notes in the tablature that is linked to a treble cleff staff.

I'm wondering if there is a way to turn this off by default? I would REALLY prefer to not have ties and tied notes in my tablature.

I know I can select a tie and then click "select similar" and then deselect "view" in the properties, but I'd rather not have to do that. Also, with the tied notes, I have to select each one individually (as I cannot choose "select similar, as it would select all the notes) and then hide those notes. This is really cumbersome.



One way to do this is to set the tab's Staff type to "Tab. 6-str. simple". This leaves out the tied notes completely.

20240511 004347-tied notes in tab.png

Another way to approach this would be to make the tied notes, as much as possible, into single notes: e.g. a quarter note instead of two eighth notes, dotted quarter instead of three.

In MuseScore 3 there was a Show Back-tied frets toggle in Staff/Part properties>Advanced Style Properties>Fret Marks, as shown.

As you can see—between MS3 and MS4—the removal of the toggle is the ONLY change in Advanced Style Properties>Fret Marks.

Tablature Back-tied frets option no longer in MS4 Staff Properties.png

Perhaps the Show Back-tied frets checkbox still exists somewhere, but not in the likely places I looked.


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