Version 4.3 on Mac: lute tab files all crash

• May 18, 2024 - 10:23

Using this for a while on desktop and macbook without issues. If I open or create a score in standard notation everything is fine. If I open an existing file that has lute tablature or attempt to create a new score and make lute (tablature) the instrument, the program immediately crashes and quits. I've been gradually shifting from Fronimo to Musescore for all my tab needs so I hope this is fixable.

OS Sonoma 14.5 (but also happened before I just update to this version)



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Indeed, this is a known problem with 4.3 due to the fact that you unchecked "Show Clef" in the Staff/Part Properties. This is what causes your files to crash when opened (well, those with this feature).

The problem has already been solved for the next version 4.3.1 (which shouldn't be too long)

If you need your files quickly, you can download a nightly version (the first, for example, from this list:;O=D)
Or go back to a previous version (4.2.1), here:
It's up to you.

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