musescore crashing on startup

• May 18, 2024 - 15:22

so i haven't used musescore 4 for a while and decided to use it yesterday. for some reason, it just keeps crashing on startup. it was working fine before, so i don't know what happened- i've reinstalled it, restarted my computer, etc. nothing's working. i'm on a mac mini and it's also up to date, so what's going on?


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in terminal, eveything went well till a line of red text showed up:

10:25:41.130 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerLibHandler::MuseSamplerLibHandler | Unable to open MuseSampler library, path: /Users/lucybi/Library/Application Support/MuseSampler/lib/libMuseSamplerCoreLib.dylib
10:25:41.131 | ERROR | main_thread | MuseSamplerResolver::checkLibrary | Incompatible MuseSampler library; ignoring

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