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When working on a long piece of music in Musescore 3 format, how do I go to the end of it when that is where I need to make changes?


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I've wondered this too. I usually insert enough blank measures for the entire piece in when I create the file. Both End and Ctrl+End go to the end of the file, not the end of entered notes, which is what I assume OP is asking for. I have not found any way to go to the last measure that has anything other than a 'whole measure rest'.

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Had the same desire at one point, which is why I added this shortcut in ye olde past somewhere in 3.5ish times:

"Go to first empty trailing measure"

in 3.5ish-3.x, the command selects the measure-rest of the first [empty trailing measure] of either a specific staff (if one element is selected and located on a certain staff) or of the entire score (if nothing is selected).

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"Calloo, calley, o frabjous day"

There are simply SOOOO many shortcut possibilities that I've never gotten that far in the list. :-D

FYI: When you set this shortcut, it will warn you that the End key is already assigned. The shortcut that it's already assigned to is very similar to what Ctrl+End is assigned to: it goes to the very end of the score (unless you've already changed it to something else!). Simply agree that you really do want to change it.

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End alone (before I changed the shortcut) was set to "Jump to bottom of last page", which is (was) basically the same as Ctrl+End: "Go to the last element in the score".

I don't see any definitions at all for Alt+End or for Ctrl+Alt+End or for Right-Alt+End.

Changing End to "Go to the first empty trailing measure" is literally the first change to the shortcuts I've ever made, so my shortcuts are currently set to the default values, with this one exception.

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