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• Jun 11, 2024 - 17:20

So I'd like to transpose some fiddle music for cello and have imported a pdf to start with. There is an error in the import that I want to fix (a dotted sixteenth note instead of a dotted eight) but when I change its duration, all the rest of the measure shifts. And if I erase it, I get a rest that I can't seem to get rid of. I looked in the manual and tried to insert+ the proper note, but then there was an extra duration that when I deleted it, created a rest I couldn't get rid of. There must be a way to edit a small error without changing the whole rest of the score, no? The first image is the original and the second is the imported one I want to edit.

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As advised, post the score - the .MSCZ file so that people can see if there is an easy way to achieve what you want and also the PDF file so we can see what it is you are trying to achieve.

It’s not uncommon for a scan (or other Music OCR programs) to pick up an incorrect time signature in a measure. You might try deleting the measure (not just the notes), adding in a blank measure, and re-entering the notes.

Unfortunately, that’s a problem with all of the “black box” scanning programs. A full featured app like SmartScore (or others) gives you the opportunity to find and correct the error, before going into your notation program.

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This is one you should have keyed in. Only three lines, about 95 notes.

I ran it through SmartScore. Only a couple of simple corrections. Less than five minutes. The advantage I have is that it displays both scores: the original across the top, and the recognized score across the bottom, making it a snap to compare. Much easier than looking from the screen to the score in your lap.

The MuseScore version was not very good, I'm afraid.

If you'd like a little Zoom chat, I may be able to help you make the corrections in MuseScore. Contact me at wawoodman at icloud dot com.

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