Adding expression to palette

• Jun 19, 2024 - 18:47

I added an expression text to my score. I changed the text from expression to freely and I would like to add it to the palette. But I am unable to do so. I follow the instruction to hold CMD+Shift, but when I try to drag my expression, it doesn't move. If I try to drag it without the keystrokes, it moves (with its anchor line) to the edge of the score, but no further. Enable editing is selected.

What am I doing wrong?


Mac 13.6.7, MSS 4.3.2


And I just went back to the score, and it worked. Wassup?

This is absurd. Now, it doesn't work again. I switched to my browser and went back, and saved and closed the document. No change.

Quitting MSS and reopening it allowed the drag, again. Is this a bug, or PEBCAK?

And when I saved and reopened the document again, my additions to the palettes were GONE. I only have the single document open, a new template I'm trying to set up. I have to say, I'm getting pretty frustrated...

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There is a known bug (should be fixed at the next update) where if you access the "More" section of any palette, then customization is disabled until you close and reopen the palette (or the score itself).

Customization is saved automatically, but if MuseScore crashes before it has a chance to do so, it won't work. One trick then is to change worksapces after customization to "lock in" a change (and then change back).

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Palette changes should stick when you close the window and be present in subsequent invocations. But as I said, if for whatever reason there is a crash, this might have a chance to take hold. Hence the workspace trick.

A workspace is not a window. It’s what you can create via the control in the bottom toolbar as a place to do customizations that are independent of each other. So for example, one workspace for working with vocal music, another for drumline, another for educational materials, another for live presentations, etc.

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