PNG export all black

• Oct 14, 2014 - 10:04

When I save my score as a PNG file and then open the PNG in IrfanView, the graphic is all black, utterly useless. I double-checked this in another graphics viewer and got the same result. The only relevant help in the manual is about Edit | Preferences | Export | Screen shot function, but I checked that option and still have the same problem. Help?

I cannot use PDF. I need the graphic output, so this is important; if I can't get this to work, then I'll have to give up on MuseScore and find something else.


Apparently you are using MuseScore 1.x. Have a go at 2.0 Beta 1, there you can a) set the PNG/SVG DPI settings and also toggle wether to use transparent background.

I believe the latter is what's causing IrfanView to show that background in black?
So you ended up with black notes on a black background? The Windows Picture Viewer doesn't have that problem.
IrfanView or some other picture editor might allow to change that background/transparency?

1.x won't receive further fixes...

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