I can't create a conductor's score

• Oct 17, 2014 - 20:34

I am trying to create a score for an arrangement with over 16 instruments on it and over 70 measures, but only a handful show up, and all on 4-ish pages. The first page seems to be in landscape, which is what I want, but the staffs are only on the right half. All of the other pages are in portrait, which I don't want. I can't find a way to orient the pages in landscape, or get the rest of the instruments to show.


Just as with real paper, there is no way to fit 16+ staves on a single sheet of paper unless use big paper or small staves. Both settings are in Layout / Page Settings. You can select the desired paper size and/or set the size of the "space" betwene staff lines (and everything else scales accordingly).

As for landscape versus portrait, with MuseScore it's either all one or all the other. So you either have portrait or landscapoe - you can't have both. I suspect you are being confused by the display of facing pages into thinking two adjacent pages are landscape when they are really portrait. They are displayed side by side so you can see how it will look when printed double sided. If you want real landscape pages, that settting is in the same dialog as the others.

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