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• Oct 21, 2014 - 17:37

An unknown bug/quirky malfunction-- I'm in 2/4 time on my opera score Flute part- somehow lost a beat or a beat and a half-- will not delete, cannot keep undoing to get rid of it, rest in the measure shows either a quarter rest or or a dotted quarter rest as the full measure in 2/4 time! There seems to be 1 and 1/2 beats of time in limbo! But the weird measure will not go away. It seems you cannot delete a measure of time out of MS . This happened after I specified a tremolo of two bars between quarter notes in the Fl part. I cannot proceed with the score until this is fixed. I have no idea what to do now. The Undo feature only works up to a point then will not go anymore. The time is only messed up in the FL part, rest of score looks normal , but playback does show 1 1/2 beats missing. I do not know what to do about this?


Sounds like a corupted score. If you can post it here someone might be able to fix it for your.
Usually this involves deleiging the ofending measure(s), completly, using Ctrl-Del, inserting new measure(s) and re enter the notes.

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I'm not sure what a corrupted score is? I've often wondered if there is someway to just delete empty measures/rests after you append measure to a score, etc.? Could the whole page where the bad measure is be deleted ? I could copy what I have entered on that page somewhere else, then past it back on a fresh page, i was thinking. OK, I'll try posting the page here later today. I don't know what you mean about Ctrl-Del deleting,(I tried every way I know of to delete the thing, but it would NOT go away ,and Playback knows there are beats missing- it quits playing for that duration, then resumes.) I do know about the insert new measures function, of course. Thanx, Del

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HI, I just tried selecting the offending measures and used Ctrl / delete and it worked! Thanks for informing me! I did not know the keboard delete would work differently from the other delete techniques. Thanks Again--P.S. i should have thought to use the upload file attachment for my page.

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You can't copy and paste sections of a score to the forum - you'd need to post the entire score.

A "corrupt" score means a score that has some sort of an error that crept in because of a bug in MuseScore somewhere and causes exactly the sort of symptoms you are describing (meausres that appear to have the wrong number of beats). No need to delete the whole page - just the bad measures. So select them and press Ctrl+Delete. If you are on a Mac, you probably don't have a true Delete key - the key labeled Delete on most Macs is actually Backspace. You would need Fn+Delete to do a true delete - so, Ctrl+Fn+Delete. But if you are not on a Mac, then Delete should be delete. Select a measure or range of measure and Ctrl+Delete is how you delete measures, whether corrupt or not.

Our posts crossed, I see you figured out the measure delete already :-). Not sure what you mean about other methods of deleting, but not there is also "Edit / Delete Selected Measures" if you prefer using the menus to the keyboard commands.

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@alanor87. Thanks for the comment. But it would be really handy by attaching the file where the problem occurred, and more importantly, to be able reproducing it step by step if you can. So everyone wins (developers and users).
Can you attach this file? Thanks again. :)

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Speaking of these tremolos, and note entry, The playback "drags" the tremolos, so they overlap--the previous measure being "held over" as it were , very strange effect. Also, when I'm entering notes (and I use sound to happen when entering) the note "clings", or drags a bit. I am using Windows Sound import, etc. Wonder if something is not set right on Sound? Much bigger problem than the missing time was. I willl go ahead and try to upload the whole file now-but tremolos are not until pg. 159-160, flutes-This is toward the end of the score, up to where I have it today, if you want to see how the tremolos playback for you, etc.

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i forgot to mention, the bug I had was caused by using the tremolo function, 2/4 time, two quarter notes entered, then clicked #place 2 bars between notes," function and the quarters turn into half notes, as they should. But then I selected one measure of this, copied and pasted to the next measure, as there are several ms's of the same tremolo desired-- but, when it copied ONE half note turned into a quarter note, and I think that is how 1/2 beat was lost! It's not a big problem, I just enter the quarter noted for each measure, and then do the tremolo function.

I forgot to mention that the sound/entry delay is really pronounced and strange when I occasionally use MIDI input from my synthesizer. If I play a a chord say several times, it takes MS awhile to enter the notes and the sound-a delay effect. I know it is not supposed to do this, as formerly there were times on MS when I was entering stuff from the synthesizer when the notation onto MS was instantaneous, and sound also. How can I fix this? Does anyone know? ( I am "importing" the sound with Windows.)

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If you mean the fact that when you enter a note, it takes a second or two while before you can hear it play - also before the cursor moves on - that could just be a factor of working with a large score. MuseScore needs to re-layout the entire score on every edit. So the bigger the score - both in terms of length and number of parts - the slower things get. People often break up large works into sections to help. Also, in 2.0 Beta/Nightly, it helps to not generates the linked parts until you are done, since that basically doubles the amount of layout work required.

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Thanks for the answer. Does a "section" have to be a new file each time? Or is there some way to break a large score up into sections without starting a new file? (I have been breaking my opera score up into separate files, but even those are unwieldly at times. ) i do not know what you mean by generating the "linked parts." (?)

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Hi, I am glad to know they could be linked, as I have been breaking my opera score up into several files, and was wondering if there is some way to join them together later for a continuous thing! I did not know 2.0 was ready yet. Is that the new MS version awaited for all this time? Thanx, Del

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Linked parts are a new 2.0 feature. In 1.3 the parts were not linked. But parts are what you need to hand the individual musicians to read from - they won't read from the full score. So the trumpet part has only the trumpet staff, etc. In 2.0, when you generate parts, they are linked to the score so if you later make a change to the score, it is automatically reflected in the parts and vice versa. It's a great time-saving feature, but it does mean that each time you make a change in the score, it not only has to re0layout the score, but all the linked parts as well. So it's better in big scores to not generate the parts until you are mostly done.

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OK, I get it. The 2.0 isn't out yet is it? I never got any notification from MS that it came out yet. Speaking of parts , I often wonder if, say, you got a dynamic mark or whatever too low, on say, the flute part, it would appear in the oboe part, the next part below, when you do parts?! Before, whenever I had a symphonic performance, the parts were actually hand-copied as part of the deal (payment to me, since I belong to ASCAP)--something that's now out of the "dark ages" thank heaven! Also, is there any way to not have to navigate through the whole done- part of a file to get to where you are working on presently? Time consuming. I see on the right margin of this page that MS 2.0 is there--I guess I should download it and then I will have the newest version?

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No, there has been no official 2.0 release - just the Beta and the Nightly builds. They are pretty stable overall, but "use at your at own risk", and scores saved in these builds will *not* be backwards compatible. Given the nature of what you are doing, I would not risk it except maybe on a *copy* of your score just to experiment if you get bored.

If you attach your markings to the correct staff in the score, they will appear on the correct staff in the parts. That is, as long as the marking is attached to the flute part, it won't matter if happens to be dragged down so low it looks like it is on the oboe staff. It will still show up on the flute part when you generate parts. This is true for both 1.3 and 2.0.

As for navigation, not sure how you are currently navigating through the file or how you would want to be able to tell MuseScore where you want to go, but in both 1.3 and 2.0, Ctrl+F allows you to jump to a specific measure number. In 2.0 I believe it can also jump to a specific rehearsal mark or page number. There is also the Navigator at the bottom of the screen that should be very fast.

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OK, Thanks for the information on all this. I have been using the navigator on the bottom of the screen, as I have "Display navigator" checked. Sometimes it disappears off the right hand part of the screen. Good to know that the parts for each instrument will hang together with dynamic marks, etc.

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