Problems with soundfonts in Musescore 2.0 (Revision: 1efc609, Mac OSX 10.9.4)

• Oct 21, 2014 - 18:49


First, this is a much better software than 1.3 - I found that a lot of the durations not adding up in 1.3 have been fixed automatically when opening the old scores.

I did run into a few issues however.
1. Selecting multiple soundfonts seems to be broken for me. It's doing something, but definitely not what I want. As an example adding a guitar soundfont with 3 instrument inside and an accordion soundfont with 5 instruments - between the mixer and the player they get confused. Selecting any guitar plays ok, however selecting the 4th entry would still play the guitar #1 where that is 100% an accordion. The logic seems off, counting the first instrument twice - it plays:
1. Guitar #1 plays ok
2. Guitar #2 plays ok
3. Guitar #3 plays ok
4. Accordion #1 - plays Guitar #1
5. Accordion #2 - plays Guitar #2
6. Accordion #3 - plays Guitar #3
7. Accordion #4 - plays Accordion #1
8. Accordion #5 - plays Accordion #2

So there's no way to play Accordions #3, #4, #5.

Trying to change the order of sf instruments in the synth dialog crashed the app a few times, once I tried to get back to the mixer.

2. Everything is exported in the default piano - even though I've removed it and added new soundfonts. The playback is fine inside Musescore but the exported wav is not.

3. The rendering seemed to sometimes flicker/"jump", oscillating between no space between rows to huge spaces.

I realize this is probably due to the new feature (drag'n'drop the rows) but would it be possible to lock/unlock it?

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Can you post the score you are having problems with, and/or a screenshot of your Mixer settings?

The export issue is, I think, #21592: Exported audio doesn't play loaded soundfont, and see the discussion there for a workaround / solution.

For #3, I can't tell what you mean. Again, it would help if you posted a sample score and a description of exactly what you trying to do, what you expect to see happen, and what is happening instead.

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I had a different setup when I wrote the 2nd post, which I think is even more telling (5 instruments the first font, 7 the second), but as I mentioned I see the same behavior with all soundfonts I've tried (> 20 combinations). Am I allowed to post the sf2 here?

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Thank you!

It seems similar but in my case I can actually play instruments from the 2nd font as well.

The rule is consistently:
If Soundfount 1 has N instruments & Soundfount 2 has M instruments then
the mixer will show N+M entries in the list.

If N <M then
from 1 to N the instruments will play properly
from N+1 to 2N it will play CURRENT_POSITION-N
from 2N to M it will play the first instruments from Soundfount 2.

It looks like it counts Soundfount 1 twice when interpreting the list selection.

If N > M however it will obviously only ever play sounds from Soundfount 1.

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