Crash When Changing "Clef Changes" Feature on imported MIDI files

• Oct 22, 2014 - 00:09
S2 - Critical

After importing a rather large MIDI file into MuseScore, I attempted to turn off the "Clef Change" feature on some (but not all) of the staves. After I hit the apply button, another instance of the file was opened. When I went to click on the new instance, MuseScore crashes. This happens every time I work with the MIDI file.

I am using the latest MuseScore 2.0 Beta on Windows 7.



Thanks for the report!

Can you attach the MIDI file so the developers can reproduce? It's also to check in the latest development code (for users such as myself, it would be via nightly build).

Hmm, I only get one instance of the file when I make changes and click Apply under the MIDI import panel. The old one closes and the new one opens very quickly, but definitely only one file.

I am running the latest nightly (pre-beta 2) so this could have been fixed.

Interesting first bar, 8/4. The eye says it's a pickup and a 4/4 but this is not how it's imported. Bug in the MIDI import for pickup measure detection?

Status (old) active fixed

I just got the most recent Nightly. I am not having this problem anymore.

I noticed the 8/4 thing; that measure is supposed to be a pickup and a 4/4 measure. Should that be reported as a minor bug?